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  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Technology Sport Gyroboard

Key Features

Multi Training Sport Board - Technology Sport Gyroboard Suitable for various kinds of sports, best simulation tool, Gyroboard is the Ultimate Sports Board. As an all-in-one sports board trainer, it combines the best features of balance, wobble and rocker boards. The user is able to adjust the rock, tilt, and speed of the product to push their current ability to a whole NEW level.

Main Export Market

Argentina ,Australia ,Austria ,Belarus ,Belgium ,Brazil ,Canada ,Chile ,Colombia ,Costa Rica ,Croatia ,Czech Republic ,Denmark ,Egypt ,El Salvador ,Estonia ,Finland ,France ,France, Metropolitan ,French Southern Territories ,Germany ,Greece ,Greenland ,Hong Kong ,Hungary ,Iceland ,Iran ,Ireland ,Israel ,Italy ,Japan ,Latvia ,Lithuania ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Mexico ,Monaco ,Netherlands ,New Zealand ,Nicaragua ,Norway ,Oman ,Panama ,Paraguay ,Poland ,Portugal ,Qatar ,Romania ,Russian Federation ,Saudi Arabia ,Serbia ,Singapore ,Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ,Slovenia ,South Africa ,Spain ,Sweden ,Switzerland ,Taiwan, ROC ,Thailand ,Turkey ,Ukraine ,United Arab Emirates ,United Kingdom ,United States of America ,Uruguay ,Uzbekistan

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
  • Min. Order Quantity:10 Sets


  • Technology Sport Gyroboard

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